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Archive for September, 2010

My Decision to Join Second Income Coach SIC

You need not be much of a dreamer to see the potential value of the broadcast medium that the internet provides to businesses of any and every kind. For that reason I jumped in to learn from the Second Income Coach system and the fine people driving its development into an amazing system for training […]


Checking out ways to Build Intro(s) Extro(s).

Push on though the midnight valley seem a technocrati jungle, push on, push on.    


T.V. Is Pro-Spam the web is Pro-Opt-in

I have never had much trust for Multi-level-marketing. Exploring auto-responders for me is a bit like cleaning earth worms off the driveway. Has my view changed? Yes it seems MLM may be the perfect  fit for web-hosting and conferencing online. The trainers in GoGVO Academy generally only benefit by helping other website owners learn to manage […]



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