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Writer, Poet, Lyricist, Humorist, Licensed carpenter, video editing enthusiast with Adobe Production Studio, and Camtasia on PC and iMovie on the Mac platform.

EXPLORING POTENTIAL is my recently adopted theme. I believe acceptance of "questioning" is my natural way to feel comfortable with constant change in the universe as I see it. I admire most those who consider long and patiently thereby arriving at better questions.  Those who are quick to presume they have answers I have come to trust the least.

In the spring a maple leaf and an oak leaf will agree that "green" is the way to be, by the fall one will have found "orange" and the other "red" and both will brighten a mountain by contrasted values. Diversity in this way is a blessing to the forest and no less so for the variance in cultural humanity.

To dwell on atrocity and the errors of history beyond the need to avoid repeating them would be a depressing dead end. Where possible to look to the healing passage of time and the renewal of hope by helping the young avoid prejudice and to celebrate diversity, seems to me a more admirable challenge.

I have enjoyed a forty year career in the construction industry working largely as a carpenter. Back when I was just out of high school and taking some college courses, I travelled with a live theatre troupe across my native Canada. My friends knew me then as a writer. In all my years of employment my performance reviews usually included the comment "communicates well with others."

During the last decade I have spent considerable time learning about digital media presentations. Amongst the boomer generation the new rallying theme is to inspire rather than retire. That seems a grand challenge and a worthy focus for my "exploring potential" theme for this site.

More inspired media is indeed a grand challenge.



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