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50 x 50 x 50 Folk Music

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While folk music has long pointed to a better dream for humanity, the dream remains incomplete!

From the title of a book (The Incompleat Folk Singer by Pete Seeger) I have borrowed the mis-spelling and have coined the expression "The Incompleat Musicological Community."  With better education and greater justice promoted (for every child born on the planet) perhaps we could correct the error and complete the human community musically.

The essence of this project is to expand and promote the role music has in developing this better dream for humanity.

Phase 1 involves gathering 50 people to share a list of 50 of their favourite folk songs they believe have been popular for 50 years or might and/or should be! This list will be compiled and shared amongst these first 50 people.

Phase 2 involves more lists of 50 in varied genre’s of music. Again the compiled lists will be shared amongst each of the participating contributor’s and their favourite 50 tunes each with 50 years of popular covers.

These lists are expected to generate a growing "Incompleat Musicological Community," and this mastermind group will have a determining influence in judging and voting for a new music contest … but more on that in future emails, blog posts, and Squidoo lenses.

For now I thank you for your interest and those who are helping me manage and direct this project.  Please note that Phase 1 and Phase 2 with their linked lenses will send any commissions from folk music purchased through directly to the "Save The Children’s Fund."

Welcome to the "Incomplete Musicological Community" where the cost of your membership is only the time it takes to list your fifty favourite folk tunes (or other genre’s if you prefer) and submitting your list through http:/ (please use the form below to opt-in and contribute … use our Contact Us page to submit your list, Thank You!)

Have you been fiftied yet?

What are your top fifty folk music favourites?

Love of music generated this playlist of my fifty folk music favourites. Have your Folk music favorites been around for fifty years? Or will they be? Or do you hope they will be? 

My idea of what the word "musicological" can mean appeals to my imagination more than having a religion or a manifesto!  Deciding the world needs an "improved musicological" suggests major help is needed NOW rather than in the afterlife.

Always poetry and muses have excited me more as harbingers of truth, than  politicians, or economists, or theologians.  Strangely I find scientists  approach knowledge with close to the same reverence as mystics and likely that is why science fiction in literature or in movies, appeals to me greatly.

The song my mother often sang while doing dishes at the kitchen sink when I was a kid (Somewhere Over The Rainbow) being chosen as the number one song of the Twentieth Century (by the Recording Industry Association Of America in a survey in 2001) got me thinking.  How was that result arrived at?  Was the survey as worldly as it should be? How will the Twenty-first Century number one in folk music be decided?

My interest in New Media led me to discover lenses (similar to a web page) at and as I checked out their development process I was excited to find how samples of folk music on can link right into the resulting lense. 

Your favourite folk music can be sampled and purchased online while you are creating a playlist for your mobile device; better yet a commission can be directed to charity when someone browses your Squidoo lense and buys one of the tunes on your list via the direct to connection. Very Cool!

A charitable community grown out of a love for folk music from a Squidoo lense focused on what rocked your world and helped you make it through the night … now that appeals to my imagination as potentially a meaningful community! How better to network and gather a sense of "know, like, trust" than by the vibes that move your world?

Check out the folk music I selected at and sign up today to contribute to the larger community list … just enter your details and click the button that asks "Have You Been Fiftied Yet?"



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