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Thanks For Visiting My Site … & Exploring New Media 

For many years I have believed the potential in New Media was a perfect fit for my own best efforts. It has taken those many years for me to refine my possibilities and focus on great results. If you are at all familiar with my story you know I began to appreciate collaboration later in life … better late than never!

This introductory video features my lyrics from a song I called, "Momma’s Wisdom." Music by David Engle (keyboards) and Darcy Windover (vocals and guitar).  I have thrown in a few of my pictures (of me and family) and a few well known writers whose advice I hope will add to my own success and development. The video is a template design of One True Media.

I followed the advice of one of Robert G. Allen’s internet adviser’s (Bob Gatchel … who said, don’t treat Craig’s List as a bunch of want ads, rather look for someone who can help you fulfill a dream …)  and that is how I located David Engle with his composer’s skill plus the guitar and vocal skill of Darcy Windover. 


The Hirelings Were Invented


As A New Media Experiment

To sample audience response to this collaboration I invented a group called, The Hirelings and put the tunes on the in the Folk category.

The Hirelings were rated number one for several months and the rest of the song (from above video) Momma’s Wisdom can still be heard on the Indiecharts: or via the Artist Music player on the right side. 

I am still working out where and how I will make these tunes downloadable and please if you would like to be notified when that is finalized just leave a note through our Contact Us page.

Again my sincere welcome and thank you for exploring this site and New Media with me!

A New Media experience for me:


After forty years in construction as a builder I always hoped my collected poems and lyrics might prove valuable in my later years. The collaboration with David and Darcy put my lyrics in fine musical form … the job they did was well received by review panels.

The comments that came from other artists on the site are inspiring and keep my hope alive. Raising four kids and seeing three grand children come along is rewarding in many ways … endorsements for creativity are extra special too! I am not a musician and as a not-so-great-singer … I could easily have just fallen victim to joining those who "die with their music still in them … collaboration opened new learning experiences … just the other side of my comfort zone, but comments like the following make me thankful I stretched a little … I love new media!

Comments on THE HIRELINGS …from the

Scott Carter: (5 hit songs AIRA Entertainer of the Year 1996) Added The Hirelings to his favourites and commented: Dying Young Blues rocks!

Avery Stafford (5 albums RB Gospel & Soul) AWESOME BANJO! Great lyrics and great production of your songs. Well done. High marks from me!

Anthony Thomas (QuadKiller Music) I love Dying Young Blues, the vocals are so powerful and the passion Darcy delivers, its my type of music and Bitch a Lot is just so honest the lyrics and the reggae feeling is wonderful!

Bruce Terra Smith (Nu-Jazz) Bitch a Lot is kicking dude and Dying Young is thoughtfully moving love it!

Mello & TNT (Hip- Hop) Dying Young Blues is a soundtrack song for real!

Maydays (Indie/Alternative/Country) Hi were Maydays from Scotland liken’ Two Way Street!

Annie Del Sol (Alymer, Quebec – Country/Rock/Pop) I love your songs! Thoughtful lyrics good beat and melodies.

Brandon R. Squire – Bricktop (Hip-hop/Rap) Essential music u guys r doin. Its the essense. Added 2 faves Got my vote!

Nicolas And The Iceni (Folk/Acoustic) Congratulations on number one spot! Great tunes! Best wishes in your career!

Entity (Rap/Hip-Hop/Experimental) great tracks so unique compared to whats going on these days with music completely original!

Thanks to all who have taken time to comment and help me keep the hope alive … the financial world of music and lyric writing is a challenging and an uncertain place … my sincere thanks for the encouragement! 

God Bless Darcy Windover (vocals and guitar) and David Engle (keyboards and music composition) for their patience and help on this project and my New Media explorations!

Lawrey Jack Smashnuk 2011

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